Weekend shopping therapy

Long time I’ven’t posted… but now I’m here again! Hope will find the time to customize my blog and post – of course – even if I’m back to work.

Last weekend was a little bit busy and some bad news had upset me (I work in a place that I went before and I didn’t like at all…I hope to move in another place but actually all I can do is try to smile and wait for the pay)… so to get over I went shopping in Austria.

I love go there because the landscape is beautiful, I can improve my german and find some items (clothes but also food) that I can’t find where I live.

I went to Villach – just about 1 hour and 1/2 by car – where there is a shopping centre called Atrio and you can find a lot of shops (for more info you can see the Facebook pace and the website http://www.atrio.at).

Let’s talk about my weekend shopping: I went by H&M (I know I’m boring but I like it) and bought a pair of ankle skinny jeans (soooo comfortable that almost like not wearing) and a top with the ”LA” print. 

By Ann Christine I found the black blouse with white hearts pattern I was shearching for….lovely!!!

By New Yorker a pair of white high waist jeans on sale: lucky me =) (fits perfectly with my pink H&M blouse and my Primark pumps)…and finally by Vero Moda I bought a black dress!

I was satisfied of the shopping but I’m still searching for other items 😉


That’s all folks…next post I think I’d like to talk about the ‘boyfriend’ jeans so now I’m gonno do some research about that !


PicsArt_1407661483660.jpeg See ya soon!

Cinzia ❤


The sun is shining …celebrate it with an aperitif! =)

outfit floreal.jpegrings.jpeg

Yesterday was a beautiful day with a warm and sunny weather so I enjoy it at home, lying on a deck chair in the garden: tanning day!

Today the same but I can’t tan because this evening I’m having an aperitif with some friends and I have to prepare some appetizers (soon I’ll have to start cooking them =) ).

But…what shall I wear? It’s an aperitif at friends home (it the garden if it won’t rain…finger crossed) so I think a casual look will be perfect!

Another H&M outfit: a long dress with floral pattern, wedge sandals , a denim jacket, a necklace, some knuckle rings (I’ve added also tre other ring that I’ve bought in some flea markets)… and my little Liu Jo Matilda bag!

Tomorrow I’ll post the photo of the outfit and also the aperitif! Bye bye and have a good evening everyone!

Cinzia :*

First post…let’s do it!

Hi everyone, after a lot of thoughts about ‘should I start a blog with my outfits (and more)?’ I’ve decided to do it and…here I am.

I love fashion and I can spend the all day thinking about outfits and wearing and sometimes also drawing them (I thing that I’ve done since I was little). Today was such a boring day with a cloudy weather and that’s why I took my car looking for some shopping: I’ven’t bought a lot, just few items that will fit perfectly with some clothes I’ve already got.

The today-shopping-outfit was 80% from H&M: a grey sweater with faux leather inserts (for which I’ve found a black leggins with inserts that remind those of the sweater), a black ankle boots and bijoux (knuckle rings and necklace).You can find them in stores now and also on the website.
The ripped skinny jeans are from Berska (bought on summer sales last year) and a bag with animalier print that reminds the Céline.

In addition to the leggins, I’ve bought another necklace and a tank top for running (another thing that I like to do).

That’s all folks…hope you like it ;)… see ya next post!

PicsArt_1407234950332[1] legginsnecklace.jpeg