The sun is shining …celebrate it with an aperitif! =)

outfit floreal.jpegrings.jpeg

Yesterday was a beautiful day with a warm and sunny weather so I enjoy it at home, lying on a deck chair in the garden: tanning day!

Today the same but I can’t tan because this evening I’m having an aperitif with some friends and I have to prepare some appetizers (soon I’ll have to start cooking them =) ).

But…what shall I wear? It’s an aperitif at friends home (it the garden if it won’t rain…finger crossed) so I think a casual look will be perfect!

Another H&M outfit: a long dress with floral pattern, wedge sandals , a denim jacket, a necklace, some knuckle rings (I’ve added also tre other ring that I’ve bought in some flea markets)… and my little Liu Jo Matilda bag!

Tomorrow I’ll post the photo of the outfit and also the aperitif! Bye bye and have a good evening everyone!

Cinzia :*


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