First post…let’s do it!

Hi everyone, after a lot of thoughts about ‘should I start a blog with my outfits (and more)?’ I’ve decided to do it and…here I am.

I love fashion and I can spend the all day thinking about outfits and wearing and sometimes also drawing them (I thing that I’ve done since I was little). Today was such a boring day with a cloudy weather and that’s why I took my car looking for some shopping: I’ven’t bought a lot, just few items that will fit perfectly with some clothes I’ve already got.

The today-shopping-outfit was 80% from H&M: a grey sweater with faux leather inserts (for which I’ve found a black leggins with inserts that remind those of the sweater), a black ankle boots and bijoux (knuckle rings and necklace).You can find them in stores now and also on the website.
The ripped skinny jeans are from Berska (bought on summer sales last year) and a bag with animalier print that reminds the Céline.

In addition to the leggins, I’ve bought another necklace and a tank top for running (another thing that I like to do).

That’s all folks…hope you like it ;)… see ya next post!

PicsArt_1407234950332[1] legginsnecklace.jpeg


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